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Technology has significantly reduced the cost of executive search…is your search firm passing any of those savings on to you?

Instead of following retained executive search business practices developed in the 1950’s & 60’s…decades before the advent of the Internet, mobile devices or LinkedIn™… we leverage technology and innovations like Search Decoupling® and our industry-leading 3-Year Candidate Warranty™ to deliver more value to customers without compromising quality or candidate reliability.

We target location-specific candidates with on-target-earnings of USD100K to USD5MM for positions in North America, EMEA, Asia, and Latin America.

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Decoupled Search


Better Decision Support

The goal of every executive search is to facilitate a good business decision. Great hires can result from internal promotion, external hire, or even choosing to maintain the status quo. What has been missing is a cost-effective means to determine the right candidate for a key position.

We developed Decoupled Search™ as an alternative to traditional retained executive search.

For a $10,000 Search Fee, we’ll generate the data you need…6 to 9 qualified & interested external candidates…to facilitate a great hire. You pay our Hire Fee only if one of our candidates is selected.

Superior Candidate Reliability

Any competent Recruiter should be able to identify, recruit & start an external candidate…that’s Recruiting 101. The real value derived from an external hire is a function of what the hired candidate produces after they join your company.

We protect enterprise value by only presenting candidates likely to remain with your company long enough to produce a return on your investment, and use our industry-leading 3-Year Candidate Warranty™ to mitigate Early Candidate Failure risk.

If you determine the right candidate for your key position is one of ours, you pay a Hire Fee equal to 15% of their first-year annual base salary.

Should our candidate leave your payroll for any reason prior to their third anniversary, we’ll conduct a search for their replacement free of charge.


Unexpected Executive Departure

Interim Executive Validation

Opportunity Cost of Retaining an Executive

 Whether you’re looking to replace a departing executive, validate an interim executive, or determine the opportunity cost of retaining an existing executive, Decoupled Search™ is the most cost-effective means to arrive at a good business decision.

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